Cooking for your Kids
Cooking for your Kids
Cooking for your Kids


Cooking for your Kids

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Cooking for your Kids

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Tapa Dura / Hardback
Size / Tamaño: 22,5 x 16,5 cm 
Pages / Páginas: 240 pages


For many parents, meal times can be the best of times - and sometimes the worst of times. In our new book, Cooking for Your Kids: At Home with the World's Greatest Chefs, the author, father and home cook Joshua David Stein recalls the moments of love and happiness that arose while making pancakes for his sons, or julienning vegetables or baking bread with them. These can’t be forced, but “by cooking with your child and for your child, you create auspicious conditions for them to arise,” he writes.

A paragraph or two later, Stein also remembers the times when food + children doesn’t = a loving and harmonious outcome. “For many parents, myself included, the dinner table can be a battlefield,” he writes. “Each meal is a skirmish, a jostling of control as we parents seek to nourish our young and our young seek to nourish their sense of self by refusing nourishment.”

In both scenarios, parents would be well advised to have a copy of Cooking for Your Kids to hand. In this beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow book, famous chefs from around the world share the recipes they cook for their kids at home.

The 100 entries in this new book cover every meal time and eventuality, from breakfast, lunch and dinner, through to impromptu snacks and treats. The recipes are accompanied with first person stories, which offer unseen insights into the domestic lives of chefs such as Alex Atala, Ben Shewry, Sean Brock and Jp McMahon.